what does it mean to be transgender?

a trans, or transgender person is a person who's gender differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.

Young Gay Couple

this is the trans flag. the pink represents baby girls, the blue represents baby boys and the white represents those who are transitioning or don't define themselves within the gender binary.

written by Kyle William Urban

Well, I have a complicated relationship with it, if I’m honest.

I began questioning my gender identity in my early teen years. I was always ‘boyish’, and I began wearing stereotypical ‘boy’ clothing when I was around eight because my mum believes that clothing is clothing. Still, I always pushed the thought that I could be trans to the very back of my mind.


 what being trans 

 means to me 

written by Finchley

I’m Finchley (they/him) and to jump to it, I’m transgender and autistic. I like getting that out of the way a little earlier on because it changes people’s social expectations of me, and gives me agency to make clarifications.

being trans and autistic

The history of transgender people and the terminology is long, and often complicated. In the past, transgender identities have been covered up, or ignored. Here is a brief look into the more modern history...

the history of the term transgender



a UK based charity helping transgender and gender non-conforming children & their families.

gendered intelligence.png

gendered intelligence

a London based charity working with the trans community, particularly
young trans people aged 8-25.



Southend-on-Sea based group providing support to trans people through online networks and social events.

trans pride brighton.png

trans pride Brighton & Hove

Trans Pride celebrates all trans, intersex, gender variant and queer people.

trans radio.jpg

trans radio uk

a community radio presented by trans and non-binary people. live 24/7 and available online.


gender identity clinic

NHS-run services helping adults with issues related to gender. The clinic is based in London.