what does it mean to be queer?

a queer person is someone who is not heterosexual and/or cisgender. it is often used as an umbrella term for people in the LGBTQIAP+ community.


this is the pride flag. the original flag had just 6 colours, but it has since been improved to acknowledge the legacy of queer black people and people of colour. it also includes the colours of the trans flag. this flag unites the queer community as a whole.

Colorful Friends

 written by Kyle William Urban 

Queer is either an identity or a slur to people. A word either loved or hated, and it’s something that you should check with first before referring to someone. It’s had a complicated history and it’s only fairly recently that it’s been reclaimed by some.

But not all. 

what being queer

means to me

What being queer means to me

One of the best things about identifying as queer is that it can mean whatever you want it to mean for you. It’s often called an umbrella term for the LGBTQIAP+ community, which I like to imagine as an actual umbrella, one of those really big golf umbrellas with a fancy handle,

where you can shelter at least 3 people

underneath from the rain.

 written by Georgia

 written by Georgie Peck 

I have struggled with who I am so much, I have always wanted to fit into some kind of labelled box. As a kid I always thought you were either this or that, boy or girl, gay or straight. Now I realise that gender and sexuality are not about which chromosomes you have in your body.

 what being queer 

 means to me 

uk black pride.jpg

UK Black pride

A safe space to celebrate diverse sexualities, gender identities, cultures, gender expressions and backgrounds who foster, represent and celebrate Black LGBTQ and QTIPOC culture through education, the arts, cultural events and advocacy.

lgbt foundation.jpg

lgbt foundation

Offers support services to LGBT people in the UK, including a helpline and talking therapy.



LGBT+ helpline for anyone to discuss anything, including sexuality, gender identity, sexual health and emotional wellbeing.

Queer Britain jpeg.jpg

Queer britain

A charity working to establish the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum, a place as exciting as the people, stories and ideas it explores and celebrates. 

The Proud Trust.png

The proud trust

The Proud Trust is a life saving and life enhancing organisation that helps LGBT+ young people empower themselves, to make a positive change for themselves, and their communities.

Outhouse East.jpeg

outhouse east

Based in Essex, their aim is to develop and promote a sustainable, fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people can achieve their full potential.