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Vision: Transforming the lives of queer young people so they can live fulfilling and hope-filled lives.


Mission: To create safe and inclusive spaces, in person and online, where young LGBTQIA+ people can find community, counselling and support. We aim to provide homes, social spaces and projects where young people can learn new skills, gain confidence and boost their sense of self-worth.

QUEER STREET is for all.

A new initiative to support you, your family, your loved ones, your friends and anyone inbetween. It's all of yours and the safest space you'll know. 

Podcasts, Support and Advice, Community, Belonging. 

Show your support by purchasing one of our Tees.

We've all lived through difficulty at some point in our life. We've gone through heartbreak, mental health issues, family breakdown and adversity, the list sadly goes on. 

Living On is all about living through adversity, seeing it through, and supporting others in doing so. 

Our Tees support young LGBTQIA+ people through difficulty and adversity, give them a sense of belonging and allow them to thrive in life.

Image by Alex Jackman

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