When fingering someone's vagina or anus, it's best that you have short, unpainted, clean nails. However if you prefer to have long, painted nails - you can use gloves and lube!


You can get latex and non-latex gloves, make sure to check whether your sexual partner has a latex allergy before using latex gloves with them. 

Remember to use water-based lube if you're using gloves as they can be dry. 

Gloves can prevent the transmission of STIs like HPV and HIV.


You should use gloves every time you finger someone, if this is your chosen method of protection. Make sure you put on new gloves for every new partner, each time you have sex, and if you are moving from their vagina to their anus, or vice versa.


Fingernails can get all kinds of bacteria and dirt stuck under them, which can cause problems such as infections for you or your partner. If your nail varnish was to chip off inside your partner's vagina or anus, that could also cause them problems. 

Long fingernails can also cause cuts and scrapes inside the vagina or anus, which makes it easier to contract an STI, and can also be painful or uncomfortable! 

You can protect yourself and your partner by regularly cutting and cleaning your fingernails, and avoiding nail varnish. Alternatively, you can use gloves over your hands to protect your partner; remember to use lube if you choose to use gloves, as they can be quite dry. 


Some gloves are made of latex, and some people have allergies to latex, so it would be unsafe to use this type of glove with them. You can get non-latex gloves too, but always check with your partner about their allergies. 



You can get disposable gloves online and from pharmacy shops, although you're likely to find a bigger range online. You don't need a prescription to buy them. 

Once you've finished with a glove, or pair of gloves, throw them in the bin. 


real life experiences

"I use black nitrile gloves, because I'm allergic to latex. I love the black gloves because they make me feel really sexy and it doesn't feel like it's getting in the way like some other forms of protection do. I decided to start using gloves because I love getting my nails done, but read that it's bad for your partner's vagina if nail varnish chips off inside of them. They feel really soft, and good, and it keeps me and my sexual partners safe from things like herpes." Sam she/they