Anyone of any gender or sexuality who has sex, including foreplay, specifically those who have sex with people who have vulvas.



Ensuring your fingernails have been cleaned and are kept short before you have sex with someone can reduce (but not eliminate) the risk of infection. Having clean hands and nails is good practice for sexual hygiene. 


Before you have sex, you should wash your hands. You should also wash your hands after sex. It's good practice to maintain the length and cleanliness of your nails if you are having regular sex.


Having long nails can cause breaks in the skin and abrasions that make it easier for bacteria to enter the body, especially for those who have vulvas. Washing your hands before and after sex reduces the risk of infection.


You can trim your fingernails using nail clippers or nail scissors. You can also use a nail file to ensure there are no sharp edges. You should also remove nail varnish or false nails before entering them into a vagina or anus. If you don't want to remove your nail varnish, you could consider wearing gloves

Wash your hands using soap and water.


real life experiences

"My girlfriend and I always make sure our nails are clean and trimmed short before we engage in sex to avoid getting infections such as UTIs and injuries to sensitive places!! In past sexual experiences with unclean/un trimmed fingernails I have had small cuts inside which have proved to make going to the toilet very uncomfortable and actually led to me having a UTI in which I had to take a course of antibiotics. Having clean and trim fingernails at all times means your intimacy isn’t disturbed and you can have fun with no discomfort."  Jade, she/her